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  About The School  

About the School

East Webster High School is located in the Cumberland community of Webster County and serves close to 500 students in grades 6-12. The school prides itself on achieving a successful blend of academic and athletic excellence.


Academic achievement continues to be the foremost priority for East Webster High School. The administration, faculty, staff, and students are committed to learning, performing, and achieving in the classroom. Corey Stidham, principal of EWHS, encourages teachers and students to “be the best” on a daily basis. Mr. Stidham adds, “East Webster is a special place because of the blend of our students, staff, and community who work together toward common goals.” Balancing tradition with progress helps our values remain the same as our school continues to move forward with rigorous academic standards and top-notch facilities and technology.


Extracurricular activities are another way for our students to learn, compete, and achieve. Varsity Sports available include Football, Volleyball, Cross Country, Basketball, Softball, Baseball, Track, Golf, Tennis, and Powerlifting. Other activities include Cheerleading, Dance, Band, Student Council, Beta Club, Library Club, Interact Club, FCA, Drama Club and others. Our diverse student body can be sure to find extracurricular activities that interest them.